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That’s how I felt wandering the streets of Istanbul for the first time, looking for a place to call ‘home’. 


“Where am I supposed to look?”

“Is this a good neighborhood?”

“Am I getting the right price?”

“How do I know I’m not being tricked?”


“Worse, what if I buy an apartment and discover a bunch of problems after I’ve already bought it?” No. There had to be a way to do this right.

So, I set out to build a systematic approach to solve my problem. 


Armed with the right skills, hours of tedious research, and endless walks up and down the unfamiliar streets of the city - I finally hit the jackpot. Not only did I find a place to call home, I got the right price and the right deal - no small feat for a foreigner that didn’t even speak the language (at the time). 


Little did I know this experience would lead me to my career. I created a system that bridges the information gaps, and answer all the questions every buyer and seller could possibly have. And I decided to use it to help others that find themselves in my shoes. 


I took the necessary steps to acquire my real estate license from the government and I joined a global enterprise with a reputable history in this sector that I came across during my research: Keller Williams. Backed by a dependable real estate partner, I combine my experience with my expertise in marketing, finance, accounting, technology and entrepreneurship to bring innovation to the real estate sector in Turkey, so you don’t have to go through what I went through.


 American University of Beirut: BBA (Finance, Accounting, Marketing)

University of Cambridge: Pembroke-King’s Program (Finance)


Bahcesehir University: MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management


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All Stars Club

Consultant with Highest Sales in Q3

Consultant of the Month June

Consultant with Highest Sales

Accredited Real Estate Broker (Level 5)

Accredited Real Estate Consultant (Level 4)

Accredited Real Estate Purchasing & Selling (Level 3)


Consultant of The Year

Consultant with Highest Sales

REMAX International  %100 Club

Consultant with Second Highest Sales in Q4

Consultant with Highest Sales October  

Consultant with Highest Deals October

Consultant of The Month October

Consultant with Second Highest Sales in Q3

Consultant with Third Highest Deals Q3

Consultant with Highest Portfolio July

Consultant with Highest Sales in Q2

Consultant of The Month June 

Consultant with Highest Sales June

Consultant with Third Highest Sales in Q1

Consultant of The Month February

Consultant with Highest Sales January

Consultant of The Month January 

The Youngest Consultant in REMAX DEHA to Enter The Maximum System


+90 (553) 071 39 94


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All Videos

All Videos
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Ödül Töreni - G2A & ROYA NOVA

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Roya Nova Project Finance City Istanbul Turkey Property

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Why I Chose Real Estate Consultancy - Neden Emlak Danışmanlığını Seçtim

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